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Career Systems, Inc. (CARSYS) was organized in 1981 as Career Management Systems (CAREERMAN) by Dr. Josefina O. Santamaria to respond to the needs of organizations to attract and retain high potential employees and continuously motivate them to contribute to organization’s success.

CAREERMAN later on offered programs on personal growth and development, team building, leadership, communication and human relations, and counseling based on the competencies of Dr. Santamaria and her pool of consultants.

A new company, Career Systems, Inc. was registered as a corporation at the Securities and Exchange Commission on April 25, 1983 with Mrs. Rose Marie B. Lazaro as chairman of the Board and Dr. Josefina O. Santamaria as President.

Initial client base included the Manila Mandarin Hotel and the Development Bank of the Philippines where programs on Personal Growth and Career Development and Team Building were given organization-wide.

IBM Philippines, Inc.; Eastern Telecommunications, Inc.; San Miguel Corporation Beer Division; The Manila Hotel; among others joined the list of satisfied clients.

In 1985, Jorge G. Santamaria who had retired from Mead Johnson Phils., Inc. as Vice President for Marketing and Director of Business Development, joined Career Systems, Inc. as its Managing Director. He took full responsibility for its marketing operations and became the Vice Chairman of the Board until the present.

The number of clients has expanded to include companies in the Top 100 in the Philippines and organizations in the Asian Region such as Indonesia, Singapore and Hongkong.

Career Systems, Inc. focuses on providing customized research-based training programs and also OD and HR management consulting services.

Career Systems, Inc. assists companies establish their corporate culture and define the direction for their transformation, restructuring and renewal in line with their mission, vision and core values; and employees of all levels align their goals for personal growth and career development with goals and strategies of their organizations.

We are a partner of choice for organizational transformation and personal effectiveness through exemplary consulting and coaching services, high-quality customized research-based and innovative learning programs and relevant publications.

We contribute to the development of values-driven and productive persons who are committed to the achievement of organizational goals and to nation-building.

We are the recognized leader in career development in the Philippines and in the Asia Pacific region.

We are a spiritually-directed team of organizational and human resources development professionals and career development experts who are anchored on Christian values. We deliver to our clients learning programs and tools, and consulting and coaching services which facilitate personal growth and organizational productivity.

All these we do for the glory and honor of God from whom all blessings flow.

We have a stake in the development of people and organizations. Our core values bridge our aspirations with reality in the form of our service to God, our country, our client organizations and their employees.
    The satisfaction of our customers, exceeding their expectations and delighting them, become the yardstick by which we measure and evaluate the quality of our training programs, and of our consulting, counseling and coaching services.

    We continuously seek to improve our training programs and services because we are never satisfied with what we do in the present. To us, there is always a better way.

    We recognize that we cannot give what we do not have. So we constantly seek to enhance our personal, professional and spiritual growth and career development. Only then can we put meaning and infuse the proper attitudes and Christian values into our work and dealings with our customers.

We believe that God has given us capabilities to be self-sustaining, purposive and fully functional. It is our responsibility to express these gifts and capabilities in very meaningful and significant ways, in our work/career and in our relationships with others.

We believe in our mission to help people use their capabilities in their work/career context so that they can contribute towards the achievement of their organizations’ goals and objectives.

We believe that organizations should value their human resources and adhere to the proposition that an effective organization is one that continuously develops and motivates its people at all levels.

We work for the alignment of organization’s and individual’s goals through our services in training, consulting and coaching and counseling.

We maintain a high level of professionalism in our dealings with our clients.

We maintain a partnership relationship with our clients based on trust, in our mutual and concerted efforts to ensure that our programs and services are responsive to the values and needs of the organization and the employees of all levels.

We recognize the uniqueness of our client companies and their people. We, therefore, develop and deliver consulting services, and training and development programs that respond to their unique needs.

We are confident of our expertise in the following areas:
  • Career Development
  • Leadership and Management Development
  • Organizational Development
  • Sales Development
  • Trainers Development
  • Attitudinal Values and Personal Growth Programs
  • Pharmaceutical Marketing and New Business Development
  • Values Management Programs


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January 29-31
+Frontline Leadership Development ProgramAVAILABLE

February 4-8
+District Managers Development ProgramAVAILABLE

March 4-8
+DMDP II: Strategy & Execution(Pharmaceutical Industry only)AVAILABLE

March 21-22
+Career Planning WorkshopAVAILABLE

April 10-12
+Performance Coaching Skills WorkshopAVAILABLE

May 13-17
+District Managers Development Program(Pharmaceutical Industry only)AVAILABLE

May 27-31
+Leadership & Management Development ProgramAVAILABLE

June 5-7
+Frontline Leadership Development ProgramAVAILABLE

June 10-11
+Coaching for Career DevelopmentAVAILABLE

July 8-12
+DMDP II: Strategy & Execution(Pharmaceutical Industry only)AVAILABLE

August 12-16
+District Managers Development Program(Pharmaceutical Industry only)AVAILABLE

August 28-30
+Performance Coaching Skills WorkshopAVAILABLE

September 16-20
+Leadership and Management Development ProgramAVAILABLE

September 25-27
+Career Counseling SkillsAVAILABLE

October 9-11
+Frontline Leadership Development ProgramAVAILABLE

November 11-15
+District Managers Development Program(Pharmaceutical Industry only)AVAILABLE

November 21-22
+Organizing Career Development System in OrganizationAVAILABLE

*schedules are subject to change
**above programs are also available for in-house delivery
***NP - open to supervisors of Non-Pharmaceutical companies / P - Pharma companies only

For further inquiries, please call 817-0110 or 846-1342

Interested in attending the public workshop?


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